gen•e•sis   n, :        "the origin or coming into being of something"
                                                                           DESIGN APPROACH - Continued

Selection of materials and finishes provides continuity of design transitioning from the exterior
of the building to the interior.  Interior design services provide the building aesthetics while
coordinating furnishings, selection of materials and finishes, interior detailing, fixtures, lighting
and equipment. Client interaction during this phase of design is critical to achieve the
established design objectives.


The bid phase begins when completed Construction Documents have been issued to
contractors to prepare their bids. The project manager and/or project architect assigned to the
project will be available to answer questions from contractors and their subs.  A pre-bid
conference is typically conducted to allow all contractors an opportunity to familiarize
themselves with the project and ask any clarifying questions to better interpret the drawings
and specifications.  A public bid letting is held and bids are reviewed with Owner.  Assistance
is provided tot eh Owner to help qualify the low bidder.


Architects are responsible to make periodic visits to the project site to observe that construction
meets the requirements spelled out in the drawing and specifications.  Job progress
meetings, involving the owner's representative, general contractor, subcontractors, project
architect and design team consultants, will be held bi-weekly or as necessary for progress
reviews.  The architect also maintains quality control through timely shop drawing reviews,
project coordination, and on-site observation during construction.  
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