gen•e•sis   n, :        "the origin or coming into being of something"

During the course of a design project the Work is broken out into separate phases.  These phases
allow us to track our production status and ensure that we are on target for completion of the
construction documents as scheduled.  Estimates of probable construction costs are checked at the
end of each design phase to ensure that the project stays on budget.  The design phases are broken
out as follows:


The first step in the project design is to establish all of the project parameters, objectives and criteria.  
Typical pre-design services include site requirements, developing a preliminary budget, reviewing
operating procedures, and establishing a project schedule.  Programming establishes space
requirements, functional relationships, and gross facility area.  Site development services, if applicable,
can include site selection, site analysis, site surveys and utility studies.


After the program of spaces has been established and agreed upon, a basic organization concept, or
“parti” will be created for the project.  This concept translates the sizes and functional relationships of
the spaces listed in the programming phase and organizes them into a preliminary floor plan while
creating geometric form or massing   Many times multiple schematic design options will be provided in
order to spark discussion regarding the pros and cons of each towards determining a functional plan
that meets all of the established criteria.
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