gen•e•sis   n, :        "the origin or coming into being of something"
                                                                           DESIGN APPROACH - Continued

After a schematic design layout has been selected and any updates or changes have been
made, development begins. During the Design Development phase, detailed drawings indicating
all finishes, furniture, casework and power/voice/data receptacles are located for each room.
Developing of each space allows us to minimize change orders during construction, which
include architectural and consultant documents, along with a detailed list of design requirements
for each program space.


During this phase all of the final details will be carefully packaged into a thorough set of bid
documents consisting of drawings and specifications for all of the Work involved in the project.
100 percent of our work is done using AutoCAD on Windows XP systems. Software capabilities
include Architectural Desktop, SketchUp and MasterSpec, Microsoft Word, and Excel. This
equipment, along with our experienced staff, enables our team to produce drawings and
specifications of the highest quality. We set our own internal deadlines and checkset reviews to
ensure timely completion of the drawings.  GENESIS will conduct review meetings with clients
and consultants to ensure that progress meets the established production schedule.  
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