gen•e•sis   n, :        "the origin or coming into being of something"

“To provide functional and creative architectural solutions that are
responsive and unique to the needs to each client and project.”

Our goal towards achieving our mission is to create an interactive
environment of understanding with the client that allows us to better
interpret how they will utilize the designed spaces.  This understanding
leads to the architectural solutions that will function beyond expectations
and still be aesthetically pleasing.   A secondary goal is to promote the
value of design, as it applies to daily life in places of work, leisure, and


The same process that delivers a final project design can also deliver
additional benefits. Although we follow the traditional design phases
towards project completion, there is a secondary, linear process that we
follow. It is this parallel process that is at the heart of our design
philosophy.  It runs in the following sequence; Listening, Understanding,
Interpreting, and Translating. By constant focus on our design
philosophy, we are able to exceed our client’s expectations. Exceptional
design does more than just meet physical needs.  We constantly seek
opportunities to incorporate aesthetics and design into each project.  
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